CartLine object

Represents information about the merchandise in the cart.


  • attribute (Attribute)

    Retrieve a cart line attribute by key.

    Cart line attributes are also known as line item properties in Liquid.

    Argument Description
    key ( String )

    The key of the attribute to retrieve.

  • cost (CartLineCost!)

    The cost of the merchandise line that the buyer will pay at checkout.

  • id (ID!)

    The ID of the cart line.

  • merchandise (Merchandise!)

    The merchandise that the buyer intends to purchase.

  • quantity (Int!)

    The quantity of the merchandise that the customer intends to purchase.

  • sellingPlanAllocation (SellingPlanAllocation)

    The selling plan associated with the cart line and the effect that each selling plan has on variants when they're purchased.

Types that return CartLine