Customer object

Represents a customer with the shop.


  • amountSpent (MoneyV2!)

    The total amount of money spent by the customer. Converted from the shop's currency to the currency of the cart using a market rate.

  • displayName (String!)

    The customer’s name, email or phone number.

  • email (String)

    The customer’s email address.

  • hasAnyTag (Boolean!)

    Whether the customer has any of the given tags.

    Argument Description
    tags ( [String!]! ) required

    The tags to search for.
    Default value: []

  • id (ID!)

    A unique identifier for the customer.

  • metafield (Metafield)

    Returns a metafield by namespace and key that belongs to the resource.

    Argument Description
    key ( String! ) required

    The key for the metafield.

    namespace ( String! ) required

    The namespace for the metafield.

  • numberOfOrders (Int!)

    The number of orders made by the customer.

Types that return Customer