2022-10 release notes

The API version release date and the date that the version is no longer supported
Release date Date version is no longer supported
October 1, 2022 October 1, 2023

What's new in 2022-10

The following features were added in version 2022-10 of Shopify's APIs.

Highlights from the GraphQL Admin API changes:

  • Checkout Profiles API
  • B2B API released
  • Web Pixel API released
  • New mutation to bulk activate or deactivate a single inventory item at multiple locations
  • Support for custom content by market through the Translations API
  • Location Management API released
  • Full markets and multi-currency support for DraftOrders
  • SellingPlan and SellingPlanGroup fields are now supported by the Translations API
  • New references connection on Metafields
  • Metafield support for Locations
  • Duplicate and Create Inventory Reservations in DraftOrders
  • Local Delivery & Pickup for Subscriptions

Highlights from the GraphQL Storefront API changes:

  • You can now use the Storefront API to attach shipping address preferences to the carts of non-logged-in customers and the fetch cart delivery groups through the new deliveryAddressPreferences field, which has been added to the Storefront API's CartBuyerIdentity and CartBuyerIdentityInput objects
  • New references connection on Metafields
  • Querying for CheckoutProfiles
  • New deliveryAddressPreferences field added to cart buyer identity objects

Highlights from the REST Admin API changes:

  • New merchant_of_record_app_id field on the Order object
  • New marketing_sms_consent_enabled_at_checkout field on the Shop object