2023-01 release notes

The API version release date and the date that the version is no longer supported
Release date Date version is no longer supported
January 1, 2023 January 1, 2024

What's new in 2023-01

The following features were added in version 2023-01 of Shopify's APIs.

Highlights from the GraphQL Admin API changes:

  • Asynchronous queries in the Segmentation API
  • Delivery settings support for more locations
  • Duplicate and delete Product asynchronously
  • Fulfillment API updates
  • Inventory States API
  • Metafields available on Company and CompanyLocation
  • Metaobjects API
  • ShopifyQL API
  • New Webhook topics added and updated

Highlights from the GraphQL Storefront API changes:

  • Metaobjects API
  • StoreAvailability can now be searched based on proximity

Highlights from the REST Admin API changes:

  • B2B Order Import
  • New credit card fields added to Transaction