2023-07 release notes

The API version release date and the date that the version is no longer supported
Release date Date version is no longer supported
July 1, 2023 July 1, 2024

What's new in 2023-07

The following features were added in version 2023-07 of Shopify's APIs.

Highlights from the GraphQL Admin API changes:

  • Additional fees as a sale line type
  • New mutation for removing a CompanyContact from a Company
  • Creation of the new Customer Merge API
  • Transition of application credit creation to the Partner API
  • New mutations fulfillmentOrderSplit and fulfillmentOrderMerge that enable splitting and merging fulfillment orders
  • Sort orders by total item quantity
  • Specify a custom filename when using the fileCreate mutation

Highlights from the GraphQL Storefront API changes:

  • Search and predictive search are now available
  • Local pickup inventory availability is now available

Highlights from the REST Admin API changes:

  • Transition of application credit creation to the Partner API
  • Discount class for applied_discounts and discount_allocations is now available on a line item for the Checkout resource
  • The tax_exempt field is now available on the Order resource
  • The ONLINE_STORE_POST_PURCHASE_CROSS_SELL fulfillment hold reason is now available