Perform bulk operations with the GraphQL Admin API

With the GraphQL Admin API, you can use bulk operations to asynchronously fetch data in bulk. The API is designed to reduce complexity when dealing with pagination of large volumes of data. You can bulk query any connection field that's defined by the GraphQL Admin API schema.

Instead of manually paginating results and managing a client-side throttle, you can instead run a bulk query operation. Shopify’s infrastructure does the hard work of executing your query, and then provides you with a URL where you can download all of the data.

The GraphQL Admin API supports querying a single top-level field, and then selecting the fields that you want returned. You can also nest connections, such as variants on products.

Apps are limited to running a single bulk operation at a time per shop. When the operation is complete, the results are delivered in the form of a JSONL file that Shopify makes available at a URL.