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It's never been easier to create high-quality apps that look, feel, and perform like they’re part of Shopify. Quickly build performant apps with our updated CLI, optimized APIs, and App Design Guidelines.

Built for Shopify

We're sharing a new set of standards and specific, actionable criteria to improve your app quality. Apps that meet the highest level of app excellence can earn Built for Shopify status, with special merchandising and the greatest visibility across merchant surfaces.

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Earn achievements along the way

Unlock individual achievements as you meet more quality standards and work toward Built for Shopify status. You can track your progress in the Partner Dashboard.

How we define quality

Merchants want apps that are easy to use, safe, and performant, and that solve their problems. Learn how we define quality and how to build apps that meet merchant expectations.

Start selling on the Shopify App Store

Launch your app to millions of merchants around the world on the Shopify App Store. Eligible developers pay 0% revenue share on the first $1M USD in annual gross app revenue.

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