Embedded app home

The primary place where users engage with your app is its embedded app home. This is the location where merchants are directed when they navigate to your app in Shopify.

The Shopify admin provides a surface for apps to render the UX for their embedded app home. On the web, the surface is an iframe and in the Shopify mobile app, the surface is a WebView.

A diagram that shows the Shopify admin. The screenshot highlights an embedded app home. The app navigation is rendered directly in the Shopify admin navigation.

By combining Shopify App Bridge and Polaris, you can make your app display seamlessly in the Shopify admin. Polaris enables apps to match the visual appearance of the admin by using the same design components. App Bridge enables apps to communicate with the Shopify admin and create UI elements outside of the app's surface. Such elements include navigation menus, modals that cover the entire screen, and contextual save bars that prevent users from navigating away from the page when they have unsaved changes.

When you're building your embedded app home, follow the App Design Guidelines and the admin performance best practices to ensure that you create a great experience for users.