Get approved for payments

Before a payments extension can be approved on Shopify’s payments platform, three reviews are required:

  • Payments Partner application review
  • Payments extension review
  • Payments app review
  1. The Partner applies to become a Payments Partner.

    Partners should take time to review the “Additional Terms Applicable to Payments Developers” section of the Shopify Partner Program Agreement. If you aren't a Shopify Partner yet, then you must sign up to be a Partner.

  2. We grant the Partner access to build a payments extension.

    If you've been approved to be a Payments Partner, then you'll be granted access to Shopify’s payments ecosystem. You'll need to sign a revenue share agreement, which we provide in an email when you're approved.

  3. The Partner creates a new app in the Partner Dashboard or Shopify CLI.

A flow chart of the Payments Partner application review process steps listed above

  1. The Partner creates and configures the payments extension.

  2. The Partner submits the payments extension for review.

  3. We review the payments extension.

  4. If the app extension is approved, then the Partner can publish the extension.

  5. The Partner selects a distribution method for the app in the Partner Dashboard.

  6. The Partner tests the payments extension on a development store.

If we reject your payments app extension, then we'll send you an email indicating next steps. Make sure that you check the business email for your Partner account, as well as the email address included in your Payments Platform application. After making the required changes, you can resubmit your app extension.

A flow chart of the payments extension review process steps listed above

Before this step of the review process, you must sign the payments app revenue share agreement. The link to the agreement is included in your payments platform application acceptance email. If you're unable to locate the agreement, then contact Partner Support. If you submit your app for review before you sign and submit the revenue share agreement, then your app will be rejected.

  1. The Partner submits the app for review.

  2. We review the app.

  3. If we approve the app, then the Partner can publish the app. Refer to onboarding a merchant to a payments app to learn about ways that a merchant can discover your payments app.

  4. Optional: If the app needs to be changed before it can be approved, then the Partner reconfigures the payments app extension and submits a new version of the payments app extension for approval.

A flow chart of the payments app review process steps