App listing categories

App categories, subcategories, and tags allow merchants to find apps that meet their specific needs.

You need to categorize your app on the app listing form. A primary tag is required, and should represent your app’s main function. You can add a secondary tag if the primary doesn’t fully describe your app’s function. For example, if your app manages email marketing and SMS marketing, you should add tags for both of these functions. If your app is mainly for email marketing and only has a small SMS marketing features, then you should add only the email marketing tag.

As part of the app review process, Shopify app review team will review and confirm that your app is classified accurately.

We regularly review app classification as a part of our taxonomy governance. Ongoing governance can also result in changes to the taxonomy. Both of these activities could result in changes to the categories, subcategories, and tags applied to an app.

The Shopify App QA team will continue to be involved to ensure that apps are classified accurately.

If your app capabilities change and you want to change how your app is categorized, then you can submit an appeal to change the app categorization by using the link in the app submission form. After the Shopify app review team completes their review, they'll send a response, whether it's approved or rejected.