About Built for Shopify

More and more merchants join Shopify every day. They rely on apps to help them start, grow, and run their business effectively.

We've developed a set of quality standards that help app developers to make high-quality apps for merchants: apps that are easy to use, safe, and performant, and help solve merchant problems. Each standard has an impact on the merchant and customer experience, and the success of a merchant’s store.

To determine whether you meet our app quality standards, we evaluate your app using specific, actionable criteria. Apps that meet all of these criteria are eligible for Built for Shopify status. Along the way, you can qualify for smaller achievements that grant you more limited benefits, such as indicators of high quality on your app listing, special merchandising, or opportunities for promotion on various Shopify surfaces.

Most criteria for Built for Shopify and intermediate achievements are automatically evaluated, while others require you to apply for evaluation. Some achievements are automatically granted, while others require you to apply for inclusion. You can check whether your app meets the criteria for Built for Shopify on the Distribution page for the app in your Partner Dashboard.