Test your app on the Shopify mobile app

You can bring the same apps from the Shopify admin to the Shopify mobile app. Using the same APIs as on desktop, your apps can reach thousands of users working from their smartphones, whether on mobile web or our native app.

App Bridge lets you embed your app directly inside the Shopify admin and Shopify mobile app. It also lets you access and customize many native GUI features of both platforms. This means you can use the same client-side library and app to deliver experiences to users no matter which device they’re using. Apps built using App Bridge are shown inside the Shopify mobile app using responsive layouts.

Use Shopify Polaris to build rich and responsive experiences. Polaris is also designed to work directly with App Bridge. Learn more in the Polaris Designing apps for Shopify guide.

All Partners can access apps inside the Shopify mobile app using development stores.