Cart overview

Some of the most complex and verbose storefront features are mutation intensive.

While it's totally feasible to solve for product selectors, account forms and cart operations client-side, it comes at the cost of performance degradation caused by the additional code delivered to the browser. It can also negatively impact customer experience, because these critical flows won’t be actionable until JavaScript has finished loading.

Meanwhile, one of the core Remix features is its robust mutations API. While the API uses a standard <form> element and HTTP, it enables progressive enhancements in optimistic UI, loading indicators, and validations feedback. More importantly, it empowers you to implement traditional server-side <form /> workflows while retaining the benefits of a client-side user experience.

In this guide, you will learn how to build a performant server-side cart implementation that reduces the client-side bundle of your Hydrogen storefront, and improves the overall shopping experience of your buyers.