Build a marketplace with Shopify

Add commerce to any platform with Shopify’s Marketplace Kit. This collection of APIs and documentation allows you to integrate with Shopify and build selected commerce features or a world-class marketplace on any surface.

Ship faster with step-by-step tutorials

Marketplace Kit has everything you need to hit the ground running and offer commerce to your customers within months.

Explore tutorials

Get APIs for commerce tasks

A set of APIs for developing, maintaining, and growing commerce on your platform.

Run with ready-to-use code

Use pre-written code snippets for merchant setup, product listings, and more.

Build what you need

Follow the guides only for the features you want to add, and let Shopify take care of the rest.

Connect Shopify to your platform with a sales channel

Invite Shopify merchants to add their products to your new marketplace by creating a sales channel in the Shopify admin.

Explore sales channels