Adding shop eligibility requirements

You have a basic channel app that you created. You want shops to meet specific requirements before merchants can sell products on your marketplace. You also want to provide merchants with feedback for how they can meet your marketplace requirements and start selling.

After the initial requirements check when merchants install your channel app, you want to check whether any required changes have been made. For example, if you reject a shop for not having a privacy policy, and the merchant subsequently adds one, then you should mark the shop as approved. To do so, you can subscribe to specific webhooks.

In this tutorial, you'll add the following requirement checks to your channel app:

  • The shop must have an online store.

  • The shop must ship to Canada.

  • The shop must support CAD.

  • The shop must have refund and privacy policies.

You'll also use the GraphQL Admin API's ResourceFeedback object to surface a warning banner on a merchant's homepage, indicating that the merchant doesn't meet the marketplace’s requirements.

An image of a feedback banner in Shopify admin indicating requirements are not meet for the marketplace