Transaction object

A Shopify Partner transaction.


chargeId (ID)

The ID of the app charge associated with the transaction. Example value: gid://shopify/AppUsageRecord/1234. This value might be null for transactions that occurred before September 2020.

createdAt (DateTime!)

The date and time when the transaction was recorded.

grossAmount (Money!)

The total amount that the merchant paid excluding taxes.

id (ID!)

A globally unique identifier.

netAmount (Money!)

The net amount that is added to or deducted from your payout.

shop (Shop)

The shop associated with the transaction.

shopifyFee (Money!)

The amount that Shopify retained from the sale.

source (TransactionSource)

The product or service associated with a transaction. This field returns values only for transactions related to apps and themes. If the source is a referral or Experts Marketplace job, then this field returns null values.

type (TransactionType!)

The type of transaction.

Types that return Transaction