Creating a payments app

To create a payments app extension, you need to configure your app extension settings and version and publish it. This process is covered in the procedure below.


This guide assumes you've created a Public app in the partner Dashboard.

Configuring the app extension settings

To configure the app extension settings, you need to give your extension a name, open a draft to edit the configuration, and then version and publish it.

To configure your app extension:

  1. From your Partner Dashboard, click Apps.
  2. Click the name of the app that you want to change.
  3. Click Extensions.
  4. Click Payments.
  5. Click Create extension.
  6. Enter your extension name and select save.

Editing the configuration

To edit the configuration:

  1. From the extension settings, click Open draft.

creating a draft

2. Configure the fields of the Payments extension details in the table below.

3. Click Save draft when you're done. You can also create a version as described below.

Payments extension details

Field Description
Payment session URL Customers will be redirected to this address to pay for an order.
Refund session URL The URL that refund session requests will be sent to.
Test mode Test mode allows merchants using your payment provider app to test their setup by simulating transactions. To test your app on a development store, the app extension must be set to test mode.

Versioning and publishing

After you're finished with your draft, you can version and publish it. To create a version:

  1. From the Extension details screen, click Create version.

editing a draft

2. Select Minor or Major version depending on the nature of your code changes. Minor versions introduce changes that are backwards compatible. Major version changes aren't backwards compatible and might affect users who are currently using your extension.

3. A page is then shown listing all the versions created and available to your app. To publish a new version, select Publish beside the version you'd like to make live.

You can't edit a version after it's created. If you want to change settings, then you have to create and publish a new version by clicking Edit draft.

Next steps