Getting started building payments apps

This getting started guide is part of the overall payments app process, which includes the following steps:

  • Discover - Review how payments apps work and the various requirements.
  • Build - Refer to this guide to walk through each step in the build process.
  • Launch - Follow the launch checklist to submit your app to Shopify.


The process of building a payments app and having it approved by Shopify includes the following steps:

  1. Learn how to become a payments partner
  2. Create and configure the app
  3. Build your app's flows and features
  4. Test your payments app
  5. Submit your payments app for approval

How to become a payments partner

To access Shopify's Payments Platform, you must be an existing Shopify Partner, and apply to be a payments partner. Payments partners have a trusted role in Shopify’s payments ecosystem, where they help manage a merchant’s finances.

payments apps approval flow

  1. Apply to become a payment provider, and review the Additional Terms Applicable to Payments Developers section of the Shopify Partner Program Agreement. As part of submitting the application form, tell us about yourself and what you plan on building. We’ll reach out to you if we think you’ll be a good fit. If you aren’t a Shopify Partner yet, then sign up to be one before asking to be a payments partner.
  2. If you're approved to be a payments partner, then you'll be granted access to Shopify’s payments ecosystem. You'll need to sign a revenue share agreement.
  3. Build your payments app and configure the app extension.
  4. Have your payments app extension configuration reviewed.
  5. Test your app on a development store. The app extension needs to be in test mode for testing on a development store to work.
  6. (Steps 6-9) Submit your payments app for approval so it can be installed by merchants. If you're approved, then merchants will be able to install your payments app.

After approval, any additional changes to your app extension configuration must be approved by Shopify.

Create the payments app

To create a payments app, you need to create a public apps in your Partner Dashboard and then configure the app extension in the app settings. Merchants install your public app using OAuth in their Shopify admin. For more information, refer to Onboarding a merchant to a payments app.

To create a payments app:

  1. Create and configure a public app in the Partner Dashboard
  2. Configure the app extension

After you've created a payments app, you can continue by building a merchant onboarding flow, or by starting a specific tutorial for either payment processing or refunds.

Build your payments app's flows and features

Payments apps must include a merchant onboarding flow, as well as features such as charges and refunds.

Build merchant onboarding

The merchant experience of payments apps involves the discovery, installation, configuration, and activation of your app. Each step of this experience should be crafted using Shopify best practices. For more information, refer to Onboarding a merchant to a payments app.

Test your payments app

Before publishing your app and submitting it for review, you can test your app by installing it on a development store. When using a development shop, the payment gateway must have test mode enabled, or payments are blocked.

Submit your payments app for approval

Before they can be installed on any store, all payments apps need to be approved by Shopify. You can prepare your app for review by following the app approval guidelines.

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