Product APIs

Create and manage products and product variants.

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  • Collection — A collection represents a grouping of products that a shop owner can create to organize them or make their shops easier to browse.

  • CollectionSortKeys — The set of valid sort keys for the Collection query.

  • ExternalVideo — Represents a video hosted outside of Shopify.

  • Media — An auto-generated type for paginating through multiple Media.

  • MediaContentType — The possible content types for a media object.

  • MediaHost — Host for a Media Resource.

  • MediaImage — Represents a Shopify hosted image.

  • Model3d — Represents a Shopify hosted 3D model.

  • Model3dSource — Represents a source for a Shopify hosted 3d model.

  • Product — A product represents an individual item for sale in a Shopify store. Products are often physical, but they don’t have to be. For example, a digital download (such as a movie, music or ebook file) also qualifies as a product, as do services (such as equipment rental, work for hire, customization of another product or an extended warranty).

  • ProductCollectionSortKeys — The set of valid sort keys for the ProductCollection query.

  • ProductImageSortKeys — The set of valid sort keys for the ProductImage query.

  • ProductMediaSortKeys — The set of valid sort keys for the ProductMedia query.

  • ProductOption — Product property names like 'Size', 'Color', and 'Material' that the customers can select. Variants are selected based on permutations of these options. 255 characters limit each.

  • ProductPriceRange — The price range of the product.

  • ProductSortKeys — The set of valid sort keys for the Product query.

  • ProductVariant — A product variant represents a different version of a product, such as differing sizes or differing colors.

  • ProductVariantPricePair — The compare-at price and price of a variant sharing a currency.

  • ProductVariantSortKeys — The set of valid sort keys for the ProductVariant query.

  • SelectedOption — Properties used by customers to select a product variant. Products can have multiple options, like different sizes or colors.

  • SelectedOptionInput — Specifies the input fields required for a selected option.

  • UnitPriceMeasurement — The measurement used to calculate a unit price for a product variant (e.g. $9.99 / 100ml).

  • UnitPriceMeasurementMeasuredType — The accepted types of unit of measurement.

  • UnitPriceMeasurementMeasuredUnit — The valid units of measurement for a unit price measurement.

  • Video — Represents a Shopify hosted video.

  • VideoSource — Represents a source for a Shopify hosted video.

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