Headless with B2B

This guide will help you build either a dedicated or blended B2B custom storefront. It'll take you through the following steps:

  1. Creating a storefront customerAccessToken
  2. Retrieving a companyLocationId
  3. Using the customerAccessToken and companyLocationId, contextualize storefront queries to get B2B pricing, volume pricing, and quantity rules
  4. Using the customerAccessToken and companyLocationId, update cart to be aware of B2B specific rules and pricing

Completing these steps should result in a storefront and cart that's contextualized for a B2B customer. Checking out with the cart will lead to a B2B checkout.

Without contextualization, your store's base pricing and product publishing will be used. Your B2B customers won't see a tailored experience from Catalogs, Payment Terms, and other B2B features that you have set up.