Section groups

A section group is a JSON data file that stores a list of sections and app blocks to be rendered, and their associated settings. Merchants can add sections to the section group, as well as remove and reorder them, in the theme editor.

You can add a reference to a section group in a layout file to add support for sections in areas that are controlled by the layout, such as the header or footer.

The sections and app blocks referenced in a section group are rendered in the order specified by the order attribute, with no markup between the sections. Section groups can render up to 25 sections, and each section can have up to 50 blocks.

The sections and app blocks referenced in section groups are the same sections and app blocks referenced in templates, and should follow the same guidelines.

You can use section groups in place of static sections in layouts. Learn how to migrate from static sections to section groups.

Templates control what's rendered on each type of page in a theme.

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