Development stores

A development store is a free Shopify store that comes with limitations. As a Shopify Partner, you can create an unlimited number of development stores.

You can use a development store to build and test themes or apps that you create. Development stores can be used with tools like Shopify CLI and the Shopify GitHub integration so that you can preview, test, and share themes that you're building.

You can also use a development store to set up a Shopify store for a client. Setting up a development store and transferring it to a client gives you a recurring commission.

In both cases, the process for creating a development store is the same. However, certain development store features, such as developer previews and installing custom or draft apps, prevent you from transferring the store to a client.

If you've created a Shopify Partner account after April 28, 2023, you'll have access to a quickstart development store by default.