Build Shopify themes

Themes shape the online store experience for merchants and their customers. Build fast, flexible themes at scale using Liquid, Shopify's theme templating language, along with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JSON.


Shopify themes are a package of template files, building blocks, and supporting assets. Use these building blocks to create modular, customizable themes.

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The Liquid templating language is the backbone of Shopify themes, and is used to load dynamic content on storefronts. Extend Liquid objects to store and present custom data using metafields.

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Dawn starter theme

Dawn is our vision for the next generation of Shopify themes. Browse the code on GitHub, then use it as a starting point to build your own theme.

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Migrate your theme to Online Store 2.0

Make your theme more flexible and easier to maintain by migrating it to the new architecture. Using Online Store 2.0, you can add and remove sections from any template, and prepare your theme for app blocks.

Build fast with Shopify tools

Shopify provides a range of tools to help you to collaborate and build themes faster.

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Shopify Theme Store

Design beautiful, purpose-built themes for different markets, and sell them to millions of merchants on the Shopify Theme Store.

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