The page_image object

Returns an image drop for the relevant image to be displayed in social media feeds or search engine listings.


{{ page_image | img_url }}



For product pages, collection pages, and blog posts, the page_image is the resource's featured image if it exists. For example, a product page's page_image is the same as its product.featured_image. If a featured image does not exist, then the page_image is based on the store's social sharing image set in the admin.

Learn more setting a social sharing image and its fallback behaviour when one is not provided.

Admin settings showing a preview of an image shared on social media

Open Graph tags fallback behaviour

The page_image drop is often used in a theme for creating Open Graph og:image meta tags.

If a theme's codebase does not provide an og:image tag for a page, then Shopify automatically generates og:image tags when the page is rendered. The fallback markup creates the following meta tags:

  • og:image
  • og:image:secure_url
  • og:image:width
  • og:image:height