Theme metadata

As a theme author, you can include additional metadata for your theme in the Theme actions menu of the theme editor. The menu appears at the bottom of the theme editor sidebar:

Required theme info

The theme_info object must include the following:

  • "name": "theme_info"
  • theme_name: the name of the theme
  • theme_author: the author of the theme
  • theme_version: the theme's version number
  • theme_documentation_url: a URL where merchants can find documentation for the theme
  • theme_support_email: an email address that merchants can contact to get help with the theme
  • theme_support_url: a URL where merchants can find support for the theme

The theme_info must contain either theme_support_email or theme_support_url, but not both.

Adding theme info to settings_schema.json

Theme info is stored in settings_schema.json as an object named theme_info:

  "name": "theme_info",
  "theme_name": "Debut",
  "theme_author": "Shopify",
  "theme_version": "1.0.0",
  "theme_documentation_url": "",
  "theme_support_email": ""

Tutorial: Edit your theme’s metadata with theme_info