Post checkout

Post-checkout includes storing order data and billing merchants. To create post-checkout functionality, you can use webhooks. A webhook is a subscription to a specific action on the Shopify platform. Shopify provides a series of webhooks that you can subscribe to, from products to orders to app uninstalls.

This guide introduces you to the tutorials for building post-checkout experiences on a marketplace.

Order data

Channel apps only have access to data for the orders that they create.


Shopify provides several ways to start billing merchants for your app. As a marketplace, you may choose to implement an existing app billing model or using the Billing API in a way that suits your needs.

A common marketplace billing model is a commission-based model. This is when you take a percentage of each order that's attributed to your marketplace. To implement a commission-based model, you'll need to use the REST Admin API's UsageCharge resource for each order that is created through your channel app.

Advanced billing

Depending on the billing agreement you want to offer, you might want to refund the usage charge if an order is cancelled, refunded, or returned. You can use the orders/cancelled and orders/updated webhook events to respond to changes in the orders and issue an ApplicationCredit to return the usage charge for the order to the merchant.


Webhooks may be a delayed when orders are created or updated, so this solution may not be optimal for any real-time operations.

Next steps

  • Learn how to store order data to your database for orders made through your channel app.