Config files define settings in the Theme settings area of the theme editor, as well as store their values.

Theme settings are a good place to host general settings such as typography and color options. Theme settings can be accessed through the settings object.


Config files are located in the config directory of the theme:


There are two config files, each with their own schema and content:

Type Description Required
settings_schema.json Controls the organization and content of the Theme settings area of the theme editor. Yes
settings_data.json Contains the saved values from the settings in settings_schema.json. Yes


When working with config files, you should familiarize yourself with the following:

Setting types

There are two categories of settings:

Category Description
Input settings Settings that can hold a value, and are configurable by merchants.
Sidebar settings Settings that can’t hold a value, and aren’t configurable by merchants. They’re informational elements that can be used to provide detail and clarity for your input settings.

Access settings

Theme settings can be accessed through the settings object. To learn more about the syntax and considerations, refer to Access settings.

Theme metadata

You can add theme metadata to the Theme actions menu of the theme editor. This includes information like the theme name and version, where to find theme documentation, and theme developer contact details. To learn how to include this information in your theme, refer to Add theme metadata.

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