Sections are Liquid files that allow you to create reusable modules of content that can be customized by merchants. They can also include blocks which allow merchants to add, remove, and reorder content within a section.

For example, you can create an Image with text section that displays an image and text side-by-side with options for merchants to choose the image, set the text, and select the display order.

Sections can be dynamically added to pages using JSON templates, giving merchants flexibility to easily customize page layouts. Sections that are included in JSON templates can support app blocks, which give merchants the option to include app content within a section without having to edit theme code.

Sections can also be included statically, which can provide merchants with in-context customization options for static content.

By default, sections are available for any template, however you can limit which templates have access in the section schema.

The following diagram shows the main theme architecture components with sections highlited in blue and blocks highlighted in red:

Diagram of theme architecture components with sections highlighted in blue and blocks highlighted in red

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