The blog template renders the blog page, which lists all articles within a blog.

An example of the blog template in Dawn


The blog template is located in the templates directory of the theme:


You should include the blog object in your blog template or a section inside of the template.

The blog object

You can access the Liquid blog object to display the blog details.


When working with the blog template, you should familiarize yourself with filtering articles by tag.

Filter articles by tag

You can use article tags to filter a blog into smaller subsets of articles. This is done by appending /tagged/[tag-handle] to the blog URL, where [tag-handle] is the handleized version of the desired article tag.

For example, if you want to show only articles from the main blog that are tagged with news, then you can use the following URL structure:

You can also filter by multiple tags by combining the handleized tags with a +:

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