The customers/account template renders the customer account page, which provides an overview of the customer’s account.

An example of the customers/account template in Dawn


The customers/account template is located in the templates > customers directory of the theme:


You should include the customer object in your customers/account template or a section inside of the template.

The customer object

You can access the Liquid customer object to display the customer account details.


When working with the customers/account template, you should familiarize yourself with the following:

Show the customer’s orders

You should show customers a list of their orders. These can be accessed through the order attribute of the customer object, and have a limit of 20 per page. For this reason, you should paginate orders to ensure that they’re all accessible:

Show the customer’s default address

You should show customers their default address. This can be accessed through the default_address attribute of the customer object or the customer_address object:

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