The index template renders the home page of the store, located at the root URL (/). The home page often serves as a customer's first impression of a merchant's store, so the index template should include versatile options for merchants to tell their story.

An example of the index template in Dawn


The index template is located in the templates directory of the theme:


When working with the index template, you should familiarize yourself with the differences between JSON and Liquid index templates.

JSON vs. Liquid

Both JSON and Liquid index templates allow merchants to add and remove sections using the theme editor. Although the Liquid index template has this functionality, in most cases, you should use a JSON template (index.json) as your index template. JSON templates have the following advantages over Liquid templates:

  • JSON templates give more flexibility for merchants to add, remove, and reorder sections, including app sections.
  • JSON templates store their own data, which minimizes the amount of data in settings_data.jsonand improves the performance of the theme editor.

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