The product template renders the product page, which contains a product's media and content, as well as a form for customers to select a variant and add it to the cart.

An example of the product template in Dawn


The product template is located in the templates directory of the theme:


You should include the following in your product template or a section inside of the template:

Optionally, you migh want to show product recommendations on the product page.

The product object

You can access the Liquid product object to display the product details.

The product form

The product form is the main method for customers to add a product variant to the cart. You can include the product form with the Liquid form tag and accompanying 'product' parameter:

Inside the form, you need the following:

The variant selector

The variant selector is an input element with an attribute of name="id". Its value reflects the variant ID of the variant to be added to the cart.

Typically, the variant selector is a <select> element, whose <option>s are populated with a loop through all the product's variants. You can also select a variant by default, based on a variant link, or availability, using the selected_or_first_available_variant attribute of the product object:

The quantity input

You should include a quantity input to allow customers to choose the quantity of a variant that they're adding to the cart. This input needs to have an attribute of name="quantity", and the value must be an integer greater than 1:

Dynamic checkout buttons

You should include dynamic checkout buttons to allow customers to quickly buy the product they're viewing. These can be added with the payment_button Liquid HTML filter:

Line item properties

You can give customers the option to include additional information for a variant that's added to the cart with line item properties. This can be useful for things like collecting monogram or engraving text, uploading files, and more.

These properties are captured through input elements with an attribute of name="properties[property-name]", where property-name is the desired name of your custom property. Any property inputs need to be included inside the product form:


When working with the product template, you should familiarize yourself with the following:


You can use the Cart API, which is part of the AJAX API, to allow customers to add a variant to the cart without redirecting them to the cart page afterwards.

Show product recommendations

You can use the Product Recommendations API, which is part of the AJAX API, to upsell customers on related products. To learn more about how to use this API, refer to Show product recommendations.

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