Unit pricing

Merchants might sell products in specific quantities or measurements, so might need to display a price per unit for those products. For example, a product that’s sold in weights of 500g, 1kg, and 1.5kg could show the price per 100g for each variant.

Unit prices should be displayed with each existing price display, which are generally on the following pages:

  • The collection page
  • The product page
  • The cart page
  • The customer order page

The object you reference will vary depending on the page your price display is on, however it will be one of the following:

Each of the above objects has the following attributes related to unit prices:

Attribute Description
unit_price The unit price of the associated line item or variant.
unit_price_measurement The unit_price_measurement of the associated line item or variant, which contains information about how the unit is measured.

The following is an example unit price display: