Submitting a theme to the Shopify Theme Store

When you submit a theme to the Shopify Theme Store, Shopify’s theme review team reviews your theme to make sure that it meets our Theme Store requirements. If your theme meets our requirements, then it's considered for approval.

If your theme is missing any of the requirements in the list, then your submission will be rejected and you will need to make further changes to your theme before it can be resubmitted.

If your theme requires major changes that prevent us from reviewing it, then you receive an email titled Your theme needs a few updates before it can be published that contains a GitHub gist with the required changes. After you make the required changes to your theme, you can resubmit the updated version through your Partner Dashboard.

To reduce your chance of rejection, you should test your theme thoroughly. We've outlined some common reasons why themes are rejected during the review process. Review this list so that you can avoid these issues in your own submission.