Version 0.6.0+

Prevents themes and theme app extensions from using CSS files larger than the configured threshold_in_bytes. Limiting the size of CSS files helps to improve the performance of your theme.


In the following example, the size of section-rich-text.css is checked to make sure that it doesn't exceed the specified threshold_in_bytes:


The following example contains the default configuration for this check:

For themes:

For theme app extensions:

Parameter Description
enabled Whether this check is enabled.
severity The severity of the check.
threshold_in_bytes The maximum allowed compressed size, in bytes, for a single CSS file. This includes the theme and remote stylesheets.

Disabling this check

This check is enabled by default when you run shopify extension check. This limit is not yet enforced, but disabling this check isn't recommended for theme app extensions.

This check is disabled by default when you run shopify theme check.