Getting started with Theme Kit

Theme Kit is a cross-platform command line tool that you can use to build Shopify themes. To get up and running quickly with Theme Kit, follow the steps in this guide.


  • You have access to a Shopify store.
  • You're familiar with the basics of the command line.

Step 1: Install Theme Kit

You can install Theme Kit using the command line on the following operating systems:


Use the following installation script to automatically download and install the latest version of Theme Kit:


Use Homebrew to install Theme Kit by running the following commands:

The Apple M1 architecture is not yet natively supported, but Theme Kit will work if you start the terminal with the Open using Rosetta option.


Install Theme Kit with Chocolatey by running the following command:

Step 2: Get a Theme Kit password

After you install Theme Kit, you need to get a Theme Kit password to connect Theme Kit to your store and manage your template files. The store owner or a staff member with the appropriate permissions can create a Theme Kit password for you using the Theme Kit Access app.


  1. Ask the store owner or a staff member with the appropriate permissions to create a Theme Kit password for you using the Theme Kit Access app.
  2. Go to your email inbox and open the invitation containing your Theme Kit password.
  3. In the invitation, click Get Theme Kit password.
  4. Copy the password. You’ll use it in the next step.

The link expires after 7 days or after you have viewed the password. You can only view the password once.

Step 3: Connect to an existing theme

To connect to an existing theme, you'll need the theme's ID. The easiest way to get your theme's ID is to use the theme get command. Make sure to replace your-password with your Theme Kit password from step 2 and your-store with your store's domain name:

The theme get command returns a list of themes and IDs that exist on the store.

Step 4: Set up your config file

A config.yml file creates a local connection to your Shopify store’s theme. You can use the previous information you collected (Theme Kit password and theme ID) to create a config.yml file in your theme, and then download the theme locally.


  1. Create a directory for your theme:

  2. Navigate to the new directory:

  3. To download a specific theme, and create the config.yml file that connects this theme with a local version in the directory you just created, run the following command:

Step 5: Create a new theme

To create a new theme, run the following command:

Running the theme new command does the following:

  • Generates a basic theme template locally
  • Creates a new theme in your Shopify store
  • Uploads the new files to your Shopify store
  • Creates or updates your config.yml file with the configuration for your new theme

Step 6: Push updates to your theme

Now that you've established a connection to a Shopify theme, you can run the following command in your theme directory:

The theme watch command instructs Theme Kit to watch for any changes made to your local files, and automatically pushes changes to your theme in the connected Shopify store. To close the watch connection, type ctrl + c.

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