Tools for building Shopify themes

Shopify provides a range of tools to help you build Shopify themes faster.

Tools for building and editing themes

The following command-line tools help you to quickly scaffold, test, and share Shopify themes, in conjunction with your local development tools.

Shopify CLI replaces Theme Kit for most Shopify theme development tasks. You should use Shopify CLI if you're working on Online Store 2.0 themes. You should use Theme Kit instead of Shopify CLI only if you're working on older themes or you have Theme Kit integrated into your existing theme development workflows.

Web-based editors for themes

The following tools can be used by merchants and developers to customize themes in the Shopify admin. As a developer, you should account for these tools when you're developing your theme to ensure the best merchant experience.

Access tools

The following tools allow you to access Shopify infrastructure for testing, and help you to safely access merchant stores.

Version control tools

The Shopify GitHub integration helps you to track and push changes to and from a theme in a Shopify store by using Git.

Testing tools

The following tools help you to optimize and detect errors in your theme code.

Example theme

The Dawn theme is Shopify's example theme. You can refer to it to understand how a theme can be put together, or fork it as a starting point to build your own theme.