Developer Tools

Shopify provides a range of software tools, sample apps, and libraries to accelerate your development process.

App development tools

Sample apps

Theme development tools

  • Theme Kit: Bootstrap themes and speed up your development process with our command line theme tool.
  • Theme Check: Ensure that your theme follows Shopify Theme and Liquid best practices by using this command-line based linter. Theme Check is also offered as an official Visual Studio Code extension.
  • Liquid Cheat Sheet: Consult this interactive reference guide to the Liquid template language.
  • Liquid Code Examples: Build Shopify themes faster with this library of ready-to-use Liquid components.
  • Theme Inspector for Chrome: Profile and debug Liquid rendering performance with this Chrome Developer Tools plugin.

Storefront API Tools

Polaris design system

  • Polaris: Create great user experiences for your apps with Shopify’s design system and component library.