Shopify Theme Inspector for Chrome

The Shopify Theme Inspector for Chrome is a browser plugin that visualizes Liquid render profiling data in a flame graph. You can use this graph and the profiling data to identify the parts of your theme code that are slowing down an online store.

While themes made by Shopify are designed to be fast, apps and customizations made to theme code can cause the online store to slow down. Liquid customizations often contribute to these slowdowns. Slow Liquid templates impact server response times, which increases the time it takes for a page to start rendering.

Once you identify the code that is slowing down the store, you can optimize it to make the store faster and convert more visitors.

The Shopify Theme Inspector for Chrome can be used to analyze Liquid on your personal store, or stores that you have collaborator access to.

Why performance matters

Optimizing your Liquid code can improve the experience, conversion rate, and discoverability of an online store.

  • If an online store is fast, then a customer with a slow connection or less powerful device can have a positive buying experience.
  • The bounce rate is lower for faster stores.
  • Faster stores rank higher in search results.

Install the Shopify Theme Inspector

The Shopify Theme Inspector for Chrome is available in the Chrome web store.

Run the Shopify Theme Inspector

To learn how to run the Shopify Theme Inspector and read the flame graph, follow the Shopify Theme Inspector tutorial.