Participate in the Theme Kit Access beta program

The Theme Kit Access app is currently in a public beta. This tutorial covers how to get access to the Theme Kit Access app during the beta period.


Permission category Permission
Administration permissions Edit permissions (including Add and remove staff)
Online store permissions Themes

Install the app and provision access

The following steps need to be performed by the person provisioning Theme Kit access:

  1. Install the free Theme Kit Access app on your store.
  2. Create a password for each of your developers.

    When you create a password, an email is sent to the developer. The email contains a secure link to view the password.

  3. Optional. Delete all private apps if any were being used for Theme Kit. After you delete the private apps, you won't be able to update themes with Theme Kit using the deleted private API passwords.

    Private apps present a security risk to your store if your private app keys are compromised.

Get access to Theme Kit

The following steps need to be performed by the developers that have been provisioned access to Theme Kit:

  1. Update Theme Kit to the latest version.
  2. Click the secure link supplied in the email to view your Theme Kit password.
  3. Copy the password and supply it in a config file or environment variable to connect to your store and begin making changes to themes.

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