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Add a back to top button on long pages

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Add a back to top button on long pages

Add a back to top button on long pages

If you have pages that are long and require a lot of scrolling, you can add a Back to the top button to your theme.

Create a back-to-the-top snippet

  1. Click the Snippets folder to view its contents.

  2. Click Add a new snippet.

  3. Name your snippet back-to-the-top.

  4. Click Create snippet. By default, your new back-to-the-top snippet will open in the code editor.

  5. In a new browser tab, open this file.

  6. Copy the contents of the file to your clipboard with ctrl + C on a PC or command + C on a Mac.

  7. Return to your Themes page. In the online code editor, paste your clipboard contents into your back-to-the-top.liquid snippet, using ctrl + V on a PC or command + V on a Mac.

  8. Click Save.

Include your snippet

  1. In the Layouts folder, open the theme.liquid file.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the file. Right above the closing </body> tag, paste this code:

    {% render 'back-to-the-top' %}

    Your code should look like this:

  3. Click Save.

Configure the back to the top button (optional)

To customize your back to the top button, click here and look at the first lines of your snippet.

  • To change the position of your button relative to the bottom of the browser, edit the position_from_bottom value:
{% assign position_from_bottom = '4em' %}
  • To change how far down a customer needs to scroll before the button is revealed, edit the vertical_offset_for_trigger value:
{% assign vertical_offset_for_trigger = 300 %}

Demo store

Have a look at the demo store.