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Manage your apps with the Partner Dashboard

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Manage your apps with the Partner Dashboard

Manage your apps with the Partner Dashboard

You can manage your apps from the Apps page in your Partner Dashboard. From here, you can create apps, view the status of your existing apps, and make changes to the way that your apps are published.

Create a new app

You can use the Partner Dashboard to create public apps, which interact with the Shopify API on behalf of multiple stores. After you've created a public app, you can review its status information and manage its app details.

App status

You can see the status of each of your apps listed under the Status column on the Apps page.

There are two different status labels:

  • Draft - The app has not yet been submitted to the Shopify App Store for review.
  • Live - The app has been submitted, approved, and is now listed on the Shopify App Store.

Custom apps don't use these status labels and instead show a in the Status column.

View or edit app information

To view or edit the details of an app:

  1. From the Partner Dashboard, click Apps.
  2. From the Apps page, click the name of the app whose details you want to view.

This displays the app's Overview page, where you can do the following:

App setup

If you want to edit information about your app, then click App setup. From there, you can update the following: