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Demo store requirements for themes

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Demo store requirements for themes

Demo store requirements for themes

All themes sold in the Shopify Theme Store must include at least one demo store that showcases the theme's style and features. If Shopify's Themes Team approves your theme designs for further development, then follow this checklist of demo store requirements. This is the same checklist that Shopify will use to review your demo store.

You can use a development store as your demo store. When merchants visit your demo store from the Shopify Theme Store, the development store password page does not appear.

This checklist can be printed or downloaded as a PDF file:

Demo store requirements

  • The theme has at least one demo store for each preset.
  • Each demo store uses the latest version of the theme.
  • Each demo store features the following:

    • One product on sale.
    • One product sold out.
    • One product that has multiple product options.
    • One product that has variant images.
  • All demo store pages use authentic text content, not Lorem Ipsum or onboarding text.

    • Demo store content cannot include profanity.
  • All product descriptions include a link to the source of any product images used.

  • To avoid potential merchant confusion, demo stores can only showcase elements and functionality that are built into the theme. For example:

    • No embedded text or buttons in images. Exceptions to this would be:
      • Text on physical products
      • Infographics
      • Badges
      • Instagram images
    • No animated gif images.
  • If showcasing multi-language options:

    • All content must be translated.
    • The default language must be English.
  • Each demo store has the Bogus Gateway enabled, and all other checkout options disabled.

  • The proper rights have been acquired for all images and content.

  • The powered_by_link link cannot be altered and must contain only powered_by_link.

  • Affiliate linking is not allowed.

  • Alt text is added to convey the meaning of all relevant images and icons to make your demo store accessible to merchants using assistive technology.