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AJAX API now supports multi-currency

Effective April 09, 2019


The AJAX API has been updated to support multi-currency for Shopify Payments. This means that monetary values are now returned in the customer's cart currency.

As of April 9, 2019 the AJAX API price, discount and total values now reflect the customer's presentment currency on multi-currency enabled stores using Shopify Payments. This change impacts following endpoints:

  • /cart.js
  • /products/{product-handle}.js
  • /recommendations/products.json

EDIT: As of April 26 2019 this change also applies to all monetary fields returned by the shipping rates endpoint.

  • /cart/shipping_rates.json

All monetary fields returned by these endpoints are returned in the customer's presentment currency. The ISO code for this currency is available via the currency field on the /cart.js endpoint.

You can find out more about supporting multi-currency in our migration guide and further reading about the AJAX API can be found in the reference documentation.