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API version 2019-10 is now available

Effective October 01, 2019


Version 2019-10 is stable and ready for general usage.

The 2019-10 release continues to focus on improving performance by completing the transition to cursor-based pagination. You can now use cursor-based pagination across the remaining endpoints. With the GraphQL Admin API, you can now perform bulk operations to fetch large amounts of data in a single request, letting Shopify handle pagination for you.

This release also solidifies many features we showcased at Unite 2019. Private metafields and translations are available for general use with the GraphQL Admin API, and delivery profiles have received a few updates. We've also added support for 3D Secure transactions to the REST Admin API and Storefront API.

Explore all the API changes included in this release in the 2019-10 release notes.

You can also read more about API versioning in the versioning guide and on the partner blog.