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CompanyAddress name field changes


Effective February 15, 2023

The CompanyAddress is no longer supporting the use of firstName/lastName fields, preferring instead to use a single recipient field. English-based UI elements may call this new field Attention. This is due to requests from merchants who are not dispatching orders to named individuals, but rather to locations, departments, or roles.

The field recipient has been added to the liquid API for CompanyAddress to display this field. However, there are a large number of existing templates that use the firstName/lastName fields. In order to minimize the impact on these templates, we populate the lastName field with the recipient, and leave the firstName field blank (specifically, it is null).

The previous paragraph is true for those CompanyAddresses where the recipient field has been populated. Where the address is still using firstName/lastName, the firstName/lastName fields will be populated as before, with the recipient field being the concatenation of these fields in a locale aware manner (in the same way as the name field). We are in the process of porting all CompanyAddresses to use the recipient field only.