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Delivery Settings support for more locations


As of 2023-01 in GraphQL Admin API stable version, we’ve introduced a few changes that will improve managing delivery settings for merchants with a high number of locations.

Delivery Profile mutation changes

We’ve added a new and more efficient way of managing locations associated with groups within a delivery profile. Instead of using the locations field (which always requires the full list of locations to have in a location group), you can now use the locationsToAdd and locationsToRemove fields to specify exactly the locations you want to adjust from a group.

Delivery Profile query changes

We’ve added a new argument locationGroupId to profileLocationGroups field. You can use this to query a specific location group and fetch its paginated locations more efficiently. We’ve added a new field unassignedLocationsPaginated. You can use this field to query locations that are not assigned to a delivery profile in a more efficient way.

We’ve added a new field locationsCount to the DeliveryLocationGroup object.

Local Pickup settings

Local Pickup API introduced in the 2022-10 release is now part of the stable version.

Documentation changes

In addition to the changes above, we’ve also updated documentation for DeliveryProfileInput and DeliveryProfileLocationGroupInput in which we raise awareness regarding performance considerations and input array limits. This also includes examples for the deliveryProfileCreate and deliveryProfileUpdate mutations, where we show how to manage profiles in a more efficient way, using changes introduced in this version.