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Deprecating the include liquid tag and introducing the render tag


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We are deprecating the include liquid tag in favor of using the new render tag to output code from the snippets folder. The render tag isolates the variables that are used in the snippet that is being rendered. Using the render tag increases the performance of the storefront on themes and makes theme code easier to understand and maintain. While include will be deprecated, it will not be removed from the platform and its behavior remains unchanged.

When using the render tag, the code inside the snippet does not have access to the variables assigned within its parent template. It's possible to explicitly pass variables down into a snippet. Themes in the Theme Store will be updated to use the render tag. Apps also need to be updated to no longer rely on the assumption they can access variables outside the snippet unless explicitly placed as an argument in the render tag.

Learn more about the render tag in the Shopify Help Center.

On Feb 17, 2020, we expect apps to be updated to no longer rely on the benefits of the include tag. Apps should expect to function within the render tag. You can use a version of Debut that uses the render tag for your testing.