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Enable your users to sell in multiple languages with our new Translation APIs


We’re excited to announce that Shopify now supports the ability to seamlessly sell in multiple languages using apps. This feature will allow merchants to sell with the same consistent shopping experience for international buyers in multiple languages. In order to help partners offer a fully multi-language experience and localize their apps workflows, Shopify is launching a set of new platform capabilities.

Translating content using our new Translations API We’ve made significant changes to our Admin GraphQL API that enable you to create and retrieve translated Shopify content so you can ensure that the Shopify resources you surface to your users are consistently translated in their own language. Visit our translating content guide to get started.

Managing locales using our new Shop Locale API Our new Shop Locale API lets you manage which locales are available on a merchants storefront at any given time. Learn how to enable, publish, and read shop locales by visiting our Shop Locales API guide.

Supporting multi-language storefronts in themes We’ve added multi-language capabilities to our liquid templating language to better serve you when surfacing translated content to buyers on the storefront or in email notifications. Learn how you can support multiple languages using liquid.

Get started in the Unite developer preview The ability to sell in multiple languages is exclusively available in the Unite developer preview, so you can begin building apps that will enable your users to sell in multiple languages today. To get started with the developer preview, create a new development store with the Unite 2019 developer preview enabled and follow this tutorial.

If you have any questions or feedback about this change, then feel free to reach out to us through your Partner Dashboard or in our API forums.