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Fulfillment Order has a new fulfill_by field


Merchants selling on multiple channels are unable to tell how long they have to fulfill a multi-channel order in Shopify to be compliant with the fulfillment policies of the channel. This can lead to merchants being penalized by the channel, having longer processing times which impacts a merchant's ratings on marketplaces and further reduces their dependence on Shopify as their back office.

The new field, fulfill_by on the FulfillmentOrder object, indicates the latest date that a merchant should fulfill an order to ensure that it arrives to the buyer within the estimated delivery window. This is the date at the end of the longest processing time for an order.

For example, if your processing time for an item is 3-5 days, and a buyer orders the item on September 1, then the fulfill_by date for this order is September 6.

The fulfill_by field is currently available only in the unstable version of the GraphQL Admin API and the REST Admin API. They are accessible through the new OrderSetFulfillmentDeadline mutation or endpoint POST /admin/api/unstable/fulfillment_orders/set_fulfillment_deadline.json.